Vakum Makinesi

Kardelen 650 Jumbo

The machine extends the life of the food products with 99.8% vacuum. It is a packaging machine necessary for all companies that produce, import and export meat, milk and sea products. It operates as partitions and saves time and labor.

It prevents foods like dried fruits, olive, puff dough and pastry as well as kinds of meat, milk and sea products from spoiling, decreases leakage and increases your profits by decreasing the costs. 

Technicial Specifications

Housing dimensians : 650 x 760 x 200 mm ( Double cabin )
Resistance Length : 2x650 mm (each cabin)
Rezistans Aralığı : 760 mm Karşılıklı 2 Resiztans
Vacuum Pomp : 150 m2 / h D.V.P Italy
Kabin Dış Ölçüleri : 1620 x 950 x 1020
Elektrik Devresi : 380V 50 Hz
Kapatma İşlemi : Elektrik Devresi

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