Dikey Fındık Vakum Paketleme

Kardelen 700

It is an ideal machine -for all kinds of dried fruit and nut industrialist and exporters- that operates vertically, has two cabins, packs natural and processed nuts, pistachios, peanuts, etc.up to 25 kg and gives food gas as a protector for especially processed.

Technicial Specifications

Chamber Sizes : 820 x 850 x 250 mm
Resistance Length : 2 x 700 x 6 mm
Max. Packet Size : Width:200 Size:375 Height: 580 mm
External Sizes : 1700 x 1600 x 1475 mm
Vacuum Pomp : 160 m/h italy P.V.R
Circuit Electrical circuit Electrical circuit Electrical circuit Electrical circuit : 380 V50 Hz engine power 3 kw
Package Capacity : 20-30 kg Vacuum /S
Machine Weight : 650 kg.

Product Videos


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